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I can help you!

Contact me with your questions as they pertain to a portable building or shed, a Rainbow play set, a carport or barn.  Maybe you have a question about building on site or about metal buildings verses wooden. Contact me with your questions and I will be happy to help you.

Many people do not know that they have so many options when it comes to  Rainbow Play set or a StarTec building. Homeland outdoor products also has many colors and sizes to choose from. Rainbow will get you a play set that can expand as your children grow. This gives Grandparents and relatives a chance to add something to your Rainbow that is new and age appropriate.

Derksen Buildings and Sheds

One of the things I believe I do a little better then my competitors is helping a customer to decide on  what they really need verses what they can settle for. I sell Derksenbuildings. They are the best built, the best looking, longest lasting best priced portable building you can buy. With all that said now let me tell you why Derksen steals the show. They can do a partial build out, a full build out and do it to a building as large as a 16X50. No one can beat what we offer or the price we offer it for.

Derksen will do a full or partial build out of your building. Other companies sell sheds, we sell buildings. What’s the difference? Come out and see how a building you would be proud to put in your yard looks like. Metal, smart siding, tong and grove flooring, add electrical, add a wall, add windows, shutters, flower boxes, a third color, add a dormer window, an extra door. Whatever you want Derksen can build. Now that’s a building, not a shed.

Safeguard Metal Structures

Whether you are covering a car or a RV safeguard can deliver the material and put it up almost anywhere in the state of Texas.  Ranging from a 12X21 for $1045 to 60′ wide structures and a wide variety in-between.  You can go as long as you would like the only restriction is on the width for the roof line.  The depth is in 5′ increments starting at 21′.