Q. Do you build on site?

A.Currently only safeguard metal buildings are doing build on site.

Q. Can a customer purchase from inventory on the lot?

A. Yes, all portable buildings located on the lot are ready for purchase and delivery.

Q. What is the delivery turn-around time?

A.  Safeguard can take between 3-6weeks.  For Derksen can be 5-10 working days for built buildings or 4 weeks for new builds. Timetables depend upon the weather.

Q. Will I have to get my own building permit, do I need a building permit?

A. Yes and Yes if you live within city limits of almost any town in Texas. In the local area I try to stay up on the local municipalities permit requirements.  Also  you need to get approval from your HOA if you have one.   I will fill it out.just stop by and I will help you with this issue as well as any others concerning the purchase of  a portable building.

Q. How do you get the building in the back yard if we have a fence?

A.  It is a very simple,inexpensive process which can be performed by the customer or a contractor from a dealership. Under normal circumstance,privacy fences or chain link fences only require one fence post to be removed in order to install any size portable building on a customer’s site. Most fences can be taken down and replaced for $250 or less.

Q. How  long does it take to deliver a portable building?

A. From start to finish  under normal circumstances about 45 minutes to an hour.  Depending on obstacles and distance in addition to leveling

Q. Do we need to pour a concrete slab to set the building on?

A. The portable building will be on skids and blocked for leveling if needed, which will save you the cost of a concrete slab and serve the similar purpose.

Q. What is the purpose for leaving it on built skids?

A. As long as the building remains on the 4’ X 6’ treated skids, it will not raise the customer’s property taxes if you live within the city limits.

Q. Can you custom order buildings and how long does it take?

A. You can custom any color, size or model of your choosing. We have almost any upgrade you could want; electrical, insulation, walls, bathrooms ect.  depending on finishout and factory status can take up to 10 weeks.

Q. What is the life-expectancy of this product?

A. This product uses products that have great life expectancy. With proper maintenance your building should last a lifetime.

Lizards on the Roof Nolanville Texas
Lizards on the Roof Nolanville Texas