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 Owning an Rainbow Play sets means making the environmentally responsible choice. We are proud to use 100% Certified North American Timber or 100% Certified Pure Redwood Timber, America’s greatest renewable resource!  And with over 100 different models there are plenty of sets to choose from.  For additional sets check out www.rainbowplay.com`


Swing Sets from Rainbow Play Systems, Inc.

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Rainbow Play Systems, Inc. – It’s Fun to Build Your Rainbow 

 Swing Set Safety

Rainbow swing sets are the safest backyard play sets available. Rainbow designers have designed their “Playscapes” with safety in mind. From the shape of the rock wall handholds to the diameter of the ropes and lumber; rainbow has designed safety into their sets. You can choose a half or full bucket seat for you littlest ones. Slides that flare at the end to reduce the speed of your child ass they near the end of the slide. Simply put, Rainbow cares about the safety of your children and they have cared for almost 30years. They would not be selling play sets in over 20 counties nor lasted that long if they did not care about safety. Safe-Fun for your child.

Does Your Childcare/Daycare Center Need a Play Set

Many of my customers are Childcare providers. Why do they choose Rainbow Play Set? Because a business dose not just buy equipment, they invest in equipment. Rainbow has a lifetime warranty on all the structural wooden parts. And, if there is a need for additional or replacement part Rainbow has you covered. What if you needed to move your play set? No problem. Rainbow has great service after the sale. Keeping your playground operational and safe is their after-the-sale customer service goal. Rainbow has an endless amount of styles, shapes, play stations and prices. Yes, Rainbow has a commercial line that many business owners prefer.


Rainbow is a Company You can Trust

When a company backs its product with a lifetime warranty you know they believe in their products and customer service. Rainbow started in 1985, long before many of my clients have been alive. Caring parents that understand the mental and physical benefits of playing with their children on a Rainbow. They consider not only the product but the company they partner with to raise their children. I am an Authorized Dealer of Rainbow products; it puts a smile on my face every time I sell a play set to a young couple that wants a mentally and physically  fit child or Grandparents that want the best for their children and grandchildren.


I have to admit I borrowed this Part from the Rainbow Website, www.Rainbowplay.com

Our swing sets are built with redwood & certified, sustainable American timber

Rainbow Play System swing sets are an environmentally responsible choice you can feel good about having in your backyard. We’re proud to build safe, durable swing sets with strong, sturdy lumber, America’s greatest renewable resource. Our Sunshine, Rainbow, Monster and King Kong swing sets are constructed exclusively of either 100% Redwood OR North American timber. Our lifetime swing sets are covered by our unprecedented Lifetime Warranty.

Rainbow Play Systems suppliers must adhere to one of two major forest initiatives:

1) The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) which calls for third-party inspections of forestlands for sustainability and habitat use.

2) Mill certification which identifies timber that has been approved to be harvested under an agreement reached in cooperation with scientists, environmental groups and foresters so as not to harm watersheds or wildlife habitats, erode the soil or over harvest an area.

Our mills will be providing us with a plentiful supply of timber on into perpetuity. Rainbow Play Systems is proud to be “green”, using America’s greatest renewable resource! You should be too!


I Trust Rainbow Play Sets

You Can trust Rainbow. I am comfortable with making these statements because I know the company and the people who work there. Trust Rainbow as 10,000s of parents and Grandparents already have.


Your Children, Physically Healthy, Confident and Mentally Strong

A child that has a Rainbow Play Set has a better chance of being a secure, healthy child. Why would I say this? Because it’s TRUE. Playing with others builds social skills. Climbing and swinging, running and sliding all build confidence and physical strength. The bond that is created between the parent and the child is PRICELESS. When a child overcomes a challenge or something scary they build a bond with the person they achieved the victory with. It’s no different with us adults. This is just an example of the benefits of playing with your child on a Rainbow. Spending time with your child is better the a good school, better then a good daycare, its better them a new toy and it definitely better then the latest video game. Please spend time with your child. There is a never ending list of benefits that come from owning a Rainbow. Grow and love your child as your child grows and learns to love you.


Why a Play Set?

So you decided that you want to buy playsystem I don’t know why you want one. You tell me. In other words you need to decide why you want a swing set, a play set, outside activities, exercise for you and your child, time together, because your child likes the neighbors. Whatever your reason a Play set from Rainbow is an awesome idea. How about all the above!

Benefits of a Rainbow Play Set

Our country has an inactivity problem. Americans on average do not get enough exercise. In the newspaper today I read that over one third of Americans are obese. Now I’m not one of those who believe we all need to be thin and in-shape, tofu eating, smoker hating, drive five miles an hour under the speed limit type person.

But, being out of shape, way over weight, smoking and teaching your kids to be the same is no answer either. Why not find a happy medium like you have in the rest of your life. A Rainbow Play Set can offer a fun, outdoors activity that can help improve your child’s physical health, mental health, stamina, and coordination. A Rainbow Play Set can also help your child become more self-assured and confident. When you have a Rainbow Play Set your child will have opportunities to expand their imagination and interaction with other children all under your control in your own yard. The playground may not be your best choice.

So consider the benefits of buying a Rainbow, your children will thank you for and you might even find a few benefits for yourself. Last but not least, time with your child is more important then anything you can buy, for you and your child.

Are Rainbow Swing Sets the Best Choice?

Q. But I might be moving in a year or two and don’t want to spend that much on a set I will have to leave behind.

A. You don’t have to. Rainbow is capable of helping you with your play set in a state and in 27 countries. For a small fee you can have it dissembled and reassembled almost anywhere.

Q. If Rainbow Play Sets cost more do they have a better warranty then the big box stores?

A. Sure. A lifetime warranty on our play sets on all the wood and 5-10 year a warranty on most items attached to the set. Rainbow has the best warranty in the industry. The big box store,,,, maybe one year on craftsmanship.

Q. How can Rainbow offer a lifetime on the wood. The will rot over time or the bugs will ruin it.

A. Rainbow Play Sets are made with real Redwood and Cedar. Water does not hurt Redwood or Cedar.

Q. Isn’t Redwood scarce?

A. No. Although Redwood is not as common as Pine or Oak it is still in good supply. Rainbow is committed to protecting the future for the children who play on their sets.

Any Redwood supplier must be a member in good standing with the California Redwood Association, the Real Cedar Association, Certified Coastal Douglas Fir Association, and have all their wood certified. What is certified mean? It means that the wood came from a company verified to have planted 5 trees for every one cut.

Why Do They Cost More Then the big box store play sets?

Rainbow Play Sets meet all the standards set by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). This means your child will play and grow on a products that has meet very high safety standards.  Rainbow believe in protecting the future for the children that play on their sets. Sometimes this cost more for a responsible material supply. Rainbow is the leader in innovative ways for your child to have fun and grow. This means that Rainbow has all new options for the play sets designed by engineers, not the marketing department.

Our Play sets last for years and years. Many of our customers grew up on a Rainbow themselves. A big box store usually sells a swing set with two swings, a lame slide,  and maybe if you buy an expensive one, a small set of monkey bars. All design to last a year to two or maybe three. They truly are designed to be throw a way purchases. Remember, a Rainbow Play Set can be constantly added to. This allows the parent or grand parent an endless list of option they can add to their Rainbow. As the child gets older the actives added are age appropriate.

Do yourself and your children a favor and check out a Rainbow Play Set at www.lizardsontheRoof.com or stop by my store at 1190 West Hwy 190, Nolanville, Texas

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