Check out Derksen’s 3D shed builder and design your own building. 

You choose the door and window placement same price


Discounted buildings are owned by the manufacturer typically they are older demos however they still come with warranties

10X16 Cabana

Price $3966.25+tax delivered

10X16 Best value wood

Price $3510.25+tax delivered

8×12 Lofted Barn

Price 2740.75+tax delivered


Repos are owned by the bank and they give no repos and no additional discounts

Repos are also void of any manufacturer warranties

 12X24 Lofted barn with electrical, 8′ walls, rollup door, 2-3X3 windows, 12′ workbench, and pegboard

Price $7900+tax delivered or you can also Rent to own

36 months for 365+tax a month

60 months for 292+tax a month

12X30 Lofted Barn Cabin with 3-2X3 windows and 2 playhouse windows.

Price $5800+tax deliverd or you can Rent to own

36 months for 268+tax a month

60 months for $214+tax a month

14X36 Lofted barn cabin with 8′ walls, electrical, 4-2X3 windows, a solid walk in door and a 9-lite walk in door.

Price $12980+tax delivered or you can also Rent to own

36 months for 600+tax a month

60 months for 480+tax a month

 Why Buy A Derksen building from Lizards on the Roof, LLC

Buy local, made locally, it helps your community.

Personal service, this is not your big box store. I enjoy my job.

I will help you get what you are wanting not what is available. Many options available

Quality, I will show you that no one beats our quality.

 Looks, I will show you that no one beats the look of our buildings. 30 year shingles, metal roof, stained drip edge, caulked and painted- All the SAME PRICE.

Colors, we have 18 colors of outstanding paint, 6 colors of 30 year shingles, 4 stain colors and 16 colors of metal for the roof

Best quality or a 5 year shed out back, we have them in the price you are looking for.

Notched 4X6 treated skids. Floor joist fit down in them instead of on top and toe nailed.

16” on center wall studs on painted models.

Painted models have double top plates, double headers, double stools, 16” OC studs. Standard!

Drip edge on shingled roofs. We only use 30 year shingles, great durability.

2X6 floor joist on 16” center, on 10’ wide or wider regular models.

5/8 Tung and grove flooring advantech- Standard. lifetime limited warranty

 Lofted models add about 2/3 more storage for only 11% increase in price on average.

Metal edge strip on garage models standard.

12” on center 2X6” floor joist on garage models notched into the skids.

Roof decking even with a metal roof. This gives you strength and durability.

Superior construction, quality materials, Free delivery 50 miles of any Derksen dealer(over 250 in Texas), great customer service. 

Most New Units come with the below warranties

Metal carries a 30 year limited warranty

Lp Smartsiding(most wood siding) carries a prorated 50 limited warranty

5 year craftsmanship warranty

Advantec flooring carries a limited lifetime warranty

Lizards On The Roof, LLC

Derksen Portable buildings,
Safeguard Metal Structures,
Rainbow Play System


Take the Nolanville Exit
We will be on the West side of Hwy 190
Lot is OPEN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Why rent when you can OWN??