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This is my promise to you.” The Best Products at the Best Price with the Best Customer Service to the Best of my ability”

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   We care what you think of us!

Good Morning, Thank You for the Outstanding Service you provided with the purchase of my Storage Shed. I did a lot of research of Storage Sheds in the area (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Lone Star) and found Star Tec Portable Buildings to be superior to them.  The materials used and construction of Star Tec buildings stands out and is head and shoulders above the competition.  And, the best part is that your prices are very competitive, even lower, than the other comparable substandard buildings. Also, the delivery and setup was Outstanding.  The building was delivered and installed with minimal disruption to my yard and property.  The delivery personnel were very professional and courteous and ensured that I, the Customer, was satisfied.

In this day and age it is important for Outstanding Service to be acknowledged, that is why I wrote this note to you.

Take Care and God Bless America !

Ron Cebulski US Army Sergeant Major, Retired

Thanks SGM, it was great serving you!

If you would like to be added to our list for a repo, email us your name, phone number and size building you are looking for and we will call you if we get a reduced price building in.

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 Thank you so much for your kindness and assistance in choosing the right building for our needs.  You were patient with us and able to answer every question we had.  Your ideas and suggestions were very helpful as well in making a decision.  You have excellent customer service and you take pride in your product and business and it shows.  We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know that needs a building!  The Silvas  Thank you,  Janice Silva
Thanks Mrs. Silva, it was a pleasure serving you!!

Reduced price buildings:  REPO’s

Repos are owned by the bank. The bank does not give a warranty.

8X6 Greenhouse Used price $1690

Here is what one our loved customers had to say about Lizards on the Roof,LLC.

 Great looking buildings

Why Buy A Derksen building from Lizards on the Roof, LLC
  1. Buy local, made locally, it helps your community.
  2. Personal service, this is not your big box store. I enjoy my job.
  3. I will help you get what you are wanting not what is available. Many options available
  4. Quality, I will show you that no one beats our quality.
  5. Looks, I will show you that no one beats the look of our buildings. 30 year shingles, metal roof, stained drip edge, caulked and painted- All the SAME PRICE.
  6. Colors, we have 14 colors of outstanding paint, 6 colors of 30 year shingles, 4 stain colors and 16 colors of metal for the roof with 40 year metal available.
  7. Best quality or a 5 year shed out back, we have them in the price you are looking for.
  8. Notched 4X6 treated skids. Floor joist fit down in them instead of on top and toe nailed.
  9. 16” on center wall studs on painted models.
  10. Double wall studs, every other stud on treated models. Two sheets of siding will never share one wall stud (2X4).
  11. Drip edge on shingled roofs. We only use 30 year shingles, great durability.
  12. 2X6 floor joist on 16” center, on 10’ wide or wider models.
  13. 5/8 Tung and grove flooring advantech- Standard. lifetime limited warranty
  14.  Lofted models add about 2/3 more storage for only 11% increase in price on average.
  15.  ¾” pressure treated flooring on garage models.
  16. Metal edge strip on garage models standard.
  17. 12” on center 2X6” floor joist on garage models notched into the skids.
  18. Roof decking even with a metal roof. This gives you strength and durability.
  19. Superior construction, quality materials, Free delivery 50 miles of any Derksen dealer(over 300 in Texas), great customer service. Further then 150 miles, no problem. It’s just a few dollars more.
  20. Painted models have double top plates, double headers, double stools, 16” OC studs. Standard!
How much more does lofted barn cost then a utility?

How do Lofted Barns look?

A lofted barn will have a distinct look. It will have the “barn roof” look. But this is no reason to think that a lofted barn cannot look great in a city homes’ back yard. With DerksenBuildings, we can get a close match to the color of your home’s exterior. Whether you have siding, brink or stone we help you match your sheds’ siding color and trim color. Additionally, buildings bought from Lizards on the Roof, llc in Nolanville we offer a metal roof or 30 year architectural shingle to match what is on your home. Bottom-line is this, when the shed looks like it belongs where it is it will look good. A quality matching building adds to a beautiful home, it should not deduct. About 10-11% more. With Derksen Buildings, you gain approximately 2/3 more floor space to store items. We loft approximately 2/3 of the floor size. This means that if you have a 10X20 (200 square foot) lofted barn you will have about 134 square feet more floor space above your head in the loft.

How are Lofted Barns more efficient use of space then a utility?

This is a real concern for many of our customers. There are many ways to look at this but simply consider this. Most lofted barns are designed to hold approximately 1/3 more than a shed without a loft. All this in the same foot print. 10X12 shed that holds 1/3 more than the next shed.

How much taller is a lofted barn compared to a utility?

Lofted barns are a little taller, about 9”-13” on average. It’s the shape of the lofted barn that gives it the ability to offer much more storage in the same footprint. The average wall height in our barns is 6’6”, we offer a standard 8’ wall (7’9”)

How big are our lofted barn lofts, more than others on average.

Many of our competitors put a 4’ loft in their lofted barn models. Well that’s nice if all I want to put up in the loft is the lawn mower catcher bag. Our lofts are big. Most of our buildings have lofts that approach the 2/3 mark. For our standard price, you get more loft space. That’s more for your money. Best price and more for your money.

 How much can our lofts hold?

For the most part (commonsense needed), if you can fit it up there it will hold it. Will it hold an engine block? Probably but is it a smart idea? Put the heads up there, the exhaust and even the intake, all ok. Our 8’ and 10’ have number quality 2”X4”s every 4’ and every other support has a double 2”X4”. On buildings 12 wide and wider they are 2”X6”’s and larger, and yet we still double up on every other support.

Doors/windows can still be placed anywhere you want them.

Just because you choose to have a building with a loft does not mean you doors and windows have to be in a certain place. Just like all Derksen Buildings sold at Lizards on the Roof, llc, you can decide where the windows and doors will be. You can even choose the style and size of windows and door. Here the best part, it will not cost you one penny more to change the locations. You will have to pay for an upgraded door or window but where you decide to place them will not cost you anymore. Get the building built how you want it, not just how it is offered.

Can we have full size walls under the lofted area?

Sure. We measure our walls from the floor to the bottom of the loft rafters. Our standard wall is 6’6”. This is higher than many in the industry. But, if you need more wall space and you want to really maximize you storage space within the same footprint order an upgrade and have 8’ walls put in. This will raise the walls to 7’9” to the bottom of the loft rafters. Best upgrade you can add to your order to maximize inside space and wall height.

Can I turn a utility into a lofted on my own?

You can, but I don’t recommend it. Most builders use a 5/12 roof pitch standard. We offer that as our standard as well. We do offer to upgrade your roof to a 7/12 roof pitch, there is a small fee for this. The normal gabled roof style does not offer much room above a deck. If you really cannot get yourself to buying a barn roof design, order the 7/12 roof pitch to give yourself some room atop.

You may not need a loft now but you may in the future.

You may think “I don’t need no stinking loft” This may be true, but I have never had a person come back and say, Shane my loft gives me too much room! No, what I do hear is, Shane, I need another building. Buy what you think you may need in a few years. Either way you go, having more storage room is a good thing.

Storage and activities in the same building.

When you choose a lofted barn instead of a utility style gabled roof you give yourself the option of storing above and activates below. If not activates below, storage above can give you room below for the larger toys we buy. Derksen Builders Offers  RENT-TO-OWN Buildings Rent-to-Own was created to offer customers a convenient alternative to commercial storage and the ability to purchase or terminate the rental contract at any time. Since this is a rental purchase agreement, it is a month-to-month contract with no credit check and upon fulfillment of all the rental payments, the building is yours. Here are a few pictures of models I carry on hand. Rent-to-Own allows customers the ability to choose the style and color of a building and have it delivered to their own backyard.

Advantages of Rent-to-Own Portable Buildings

  • No Credit Check
  • Rent for 36 monthsor 60 months, own it for a lifetime
  • Minimum down payment and ability to purchase without tying up your cash
  • Located on your own property allowing convenient access
  • No long term commitment
  • The Early Purchase Option offers significant price reductions
  • NO early payoff penalties
  • Ability to terminate contract at any time and return the building with NO additional fees
  • Get the building now without having to wait. Sure you could save up for the next year and get it then but why wait for your portable building or shed. Buy now pay off early, best of both worlds. RENT-TO-OWN Buildings serve you.
  • Storage units cost money now and forever, you never own it.
  • Quality. Why place your family goods in a storage unit that leaks or has bugs in it. If you want to store your property I assume you want it protected.
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